'Business and Carreer Awards Night' presented by Adana Young Businessman Association, once in every 2 two year, to motivate business world performed on April 15th night. In the night with the presentation of writer Ece Vahapoglu, Innovation Award given to CamPET, shining out with the slogan of 'Healthy as glass, light as plastic'. Our chairman Mr. Doganay took the award for company, and gave the signals of more to come for CamPET.

'Business and Carreer Awards Night' presented by Adana Young Businessman Association, performed 6th time with the attandence of Adana metropolitan mayor Mustafa Sozlu, Adana governer Mustafa Buyuk, chancellor of Cukurova University, and lots of other protocol on April 15. Awards like Businessman of the Year, Young Entrepreneur of the Year, Brand of the Year held by winners, Doganay Co. took the 'Best Innovation Award' with the CamPET package.

After presentment of award, the chairman Mr.Doganay said:" We are very grateful of being considered worthy for this award by the association. Our mission is to provide the whole Turkey then world with our healthy and tasteful turnip juice of Cukurova. This award honored and motivated us."

I want to share some important information about CAMPET package that brought awards to us: "Shortly, Campet is the coating of plastic bottles with glass material (SİOx). SİOx is pure glass and when the inner surface of a plastic bottle is covered with it; becomes very thin, elastic, and non-breakable. Moreover, there is no trace of glass inside the beverage thanks to its non-soluble coating. Thanks to CAMPET, the beverage only contacts the glass thus the product maintains fresh longer. At the same time taste and vitamins’ values are preserved longer. Plastic bottles are non-breakable, light and fair price. These advantages are preserved because CAMPET ‘s outer surface is plastic. We are proud of leading the way for this healthy packaging technology which ensured us taking award. This technology have an attraction for customers and highly demanded since 2014."