Doganay Co.is meeting Turkish consumer with CamPET technology by making 40 million euros investment, being a model to leaders of the world's F&B sector. CamPET technology known as FreshSafe-PET® all around the world, mentioned as a model by German FreshSafe-PET® leading company KHS.

Doganay started working with the principle of producing healthy, after running for 17 years introduced turnip juice to whole Turkey and made it national juice, now looking for globalisation. Doganay Co. in F&B business since 1997, made total of 40 million euros investment in 2014 to build up a new factory in AOIR(Adana Organised Industry Region) hosting the world's leading firms.

FreshSafe-PET® type of packages named as CamPET in Turkish, only being produced in Doganay Co. facilities in Turkey. Starting with lemonade aimed to be used in all Doganay brands. Doganay Co. supporting its leading place in the market with technological investment, and shown as a model for all F&B firms in the use of technology by KHS.

Facility which equipped with the newest technology, honored by the visit of technical committee from Aussie soy milk producer SANITARIUM. Committee informed very well about producing of package and storaging process by pyhsical site visit.