MANCHESTER – 27th January 2016: Doganay Lita Lemonade, a soft drink making use of a new 'hybrid' PET and glass bottle, is the January winner of the Gama Innovation Award – Packaging.

New in Turkey from Doganay, a juice and soft drinks manufacturer, Doganay Lita Lemonade offers "health, naturalness, freshness and chillness!" through new glass and PET hybrid packaging from German firm KHS. The firm's FreshSafe-PET (Campet) technology is promoted as being "as light as PET – as good as glass" and is claimed to "combine the advantages of PET and glass in a single, intelligent system": the interior containing a protective layer of ultra-thin glass to prevent oxygen and other substances from penetrating the bottle.

Commenting on the award, Gama editorial director Tom Warden said: "PET has become something of a focal point for packaging innovation over the past few years, especially with significant efforts to address the sustainability agenda - most notably through developments such as Coca Cola's PlantBottle series. Doganay Lita Lemonade and its 'Campet' technology demonstrates that, alongside environmental challenges, issues of protection and preservation are likely to remain live concerns for the non-alcoholic drinks industry, especially amid continuing demands from consumers for 'fresher', 'purer' and more 'natural' products".