Doganay Gida made the name 'DOGANAY'synonym of quality by following the principles of quality, service, honesty, respect and favour. Therefore it became an always demanded product.

By the leading of our founder Baba Hasan Doðanay in 1960, our enterprises in the different fields of F&B sector, principlism, fair and succesfull attempts followed by production of Turnip Juice in 1997. Our production of the Turnip Juice, started at Adana Haci Omer Sabanci Organized Industrial Side in a 1300 m2 closed area, provided 'Doganay' to become one of the most known brands of the world by ways of innovation, originality and quality we created.

Nowadays, Doganay is producing not only Turnip Juice but also Lemonade(single/mint/no sugar), Lemon Sauce, %100 Vinegar of Grapes, %100 Apple Cider Vinegar, %100 Balsamic Vinegar, %100 Lemon Juice, %100 Pomegranate Sour, %50 Pomegranate Sour and %10 Pomegranate Sour.

The strong connection lying among our customers, suppliers and employees pave the way for our efforts to make the 'Doganay' always interested and demanded by customers, within the process of last 19 years. Our production capacity reached to 550 million liters annually by fully entagration of cold storages, agricultural lands, goods storages, production facilities of plastic bottles, steam unites, pasteurisation unites, compressor room, intelligent storage systems.

Doganay have %95 of the Turkey's Turnip Juice Market. Also we are exporting %35 of our total products to 30+ countries on all continents.

We establish the most innovative factory that uses latest technology hasn't been used in European countries by investments since 2014. In our facility, with unique aseptic filling system we cover inside of a PET bottle with glass (material that equals as glass, light, same usage as glass, keeps fresh inside and unbreakable characteristic) ,called as CamPET which is the masterpiece of nano technolog, and fill without chemical preservatives. We are the only company that has this technology in Turkey.

Our focus on quality awarded and registered by FAO(Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Control and License of Good Agricultural Practices, ISO 220000, ISO 9001, HACCP, TSE.