Demand for the turnip juice, one of the national beverages is increasing. Young generations also interested in the product. Rafet Doganay, chairman of the executive board of Doganay, producing turnip juice in Adana, emphasize that demand for juice is increasing %30 every year.

Consumption of the turnip juice in Turkey is about 75-80 million liters annualy with regards to statements of Mr. Doganay. With the addition of homemade juice, market can be considered about 100 million liters.

Doganay is pleased of increasing consumption of turnip juice but complaining of unrecorded, illegal sale. Mr. Doganay denounce to the authorities: "Its obvious that there are under the counter production also lots of firms not recording the sales.The situation cause an unfair competition then lead the market in countless unproper situations. Finally, recorded firms and our economy suffering."

Mr. Doganay also told about turnip juice ease the digestion and protecting from flu and common cold. Also saying the product is including Vitamin B, rich of antioxidan and sugar free.

Chairman is also reporting that turnip juice can be consuming with all foods, and stating those:

"You can prefer your juice hot or not. But juice is consuming more with indigestible foods. We can talk about meat types, steak tartar a la turca, stuffed meatballs, even chicken and fish can as an example of indigestible foods. They are consuming the juice even with bagel in Cukurova. Tea-bagel is popular in other regions of Turkey, but turnip juice-bagel in Adana. Children enjoy the turnip juice-bagel in Cukurova. Also hosts present turnip juice to their guests. Turnip juice is in every field and moment of life in this region. Therefore, the most consumption of turnip juice is still Cukurova and around. After that Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa for the national juice. Nowadays, there is no county/region in Turkey which does not consume the juice. Huge demand came out from all regions after transportation network improved and people learned about the benefits of the good. We are providing all regions with the juice because of people demanded, then the number of consumers and lovers of the juice is increasing, finally consumption is increasing by this cycle."